This article is about flowers from Office Trap. For flowers from other games, please see Flowers.

Flower traps
Trap Flower 1Trap Flower 2
Attack Jumping, dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Health Invincible
Game(s) Office Trap

Flower traps are traps in the game Office Trap.


Flower trap buttons have a flower as the trap icon. They are sunflowers in brown pots, and one can be seen wearing sunglasses. The sunflowers have eight yellow petals, a brown center, a green stem, and two green leaves; they also have black eyes, light red cheeks, and white teeth.

Game information

When the trap is activated, the two sunflowers will come out from the right side of the screen, and hop over each other one at a time. They move slowly, and between them when they land on the ground is a space which the employees can land if jumping over a sunflower.

The employees have to be careful when trying to hop over a sunflower, as they have to jump quick enough as to not get in the way of the sunflower when it jumps. Flower traps act very similarly to slime traps, and could be considered to be an easier version of the slime trap.

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