This article is about water from J-J-Jump. For water from other games, please see Water.

The flood with the teeny hero inside
Damage Death
Game(s) J-J-Jump

The flood is a hazard in the game J-J-Jump. It is in every level, and continually rises up from the ground.


The flood is a blue-green colour with some slight colour change at the top. Anything seen through the water is darker in colour and waving back and forth.

Game information

The Rain

The rain

In every level of J-J-Jump, the flood is rising up. The flood will rise at different speeds depending on the level. If the teeny hero is submerged in the flood, it will die. This will cause the level to be restarted, even if the hero jumps out of the water after being submerged. The flood is in every level, and forces the hero to move fast to avoid being caught by it.

If the teeny hero runs out of jumps and is stuck, the flood will rise up very rapidly to overtake it. If the teeny hero drowns and was recently at a check-point, the flood will be at the same spot the checkpoint was when completed. The flood is caused by all the rain on the planet that the teeny hero is on. In the background of the game can always be seen clouds and falling rain scrolling down the screen.

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