Floating pears are enemies in the game Hot Air Jr. Their first and only appearance is in level 6.


Green pears

Floating green pears consist of a pear-shaped creatures that have tiny pink and white wings. They have a broad, black unibrow with half-closed eyes and a smiling mouth with large, pink lips. The rest of their bodies are green.

Pink pears

Floating pink pears are the same pear-shaped creatures with the same wings and lips. However, instead of a straight unibrow, their unibrow turns into a "v" shape and their eyes are completely open. Their mouth is curved downward, so that their whole expression is angry. The main difference, however, is that their whole body is pink instead of green.

Game information

Pear dropping 2

A falling green pear

Green pears are calm and do not follow Hot Air Jr. Instead, they move horizontally by moving up then dropping themselves back down. If Hot Air Jr goes near them, they will become angry and turn pink.

After the pears are disrupted, they will start to home in on Hot Air Jr for a limited time. If the balloon goes onto another screen or dodges it long enough, the creature will turn back to green and restarts its dropping pattern.


  • On March 3, 2012, Nitrome revealed a preview of an upcoming game, Hot Air Jr, the preview being a .gif of a floating pear.