The floating mines are interactive objects in Hot Air Jr, being first introduced on level six, and again found on level nine and level twelve.


Floating mines are spherical and grey metal balls, with an angry face and pink cheeks. It's mouth is sightly lighter than the rest of it, and there are four small rods around it. It has a white propeller above it, allowing it to float.

Game information

When the button is presses by the player, a floating mine will come from the spawner. The player can use the cyan fan to blow it, always avoiding contact with the balloon. It is most commonly used to destroy rock walls by crushing them. The Floating Mines are also used for attacking enemies.


The spawner is a machine associated with the floating mine. It exists only to disperse mines for the player to use.


The spawner appears as a very light blue/grey square that has its two bottom edges smooth and curved. A little bit below the two top edges, but a little bit above the bottom edges, a semicircle is attached. This semicircle uses the same colours as the spawner. The spawners appears to be made of metal, from the visible places metal has been placed and noticeable nails. The top middle part of the spawner is taken up by this being's face.

The spawner has two oval black eyes with two diagonal lighter coloured oval eyebrows, these eyebrows above the eyes in such a position that a straight line could be drawn from the pointing sections of the eyebrows, and intersect in the spot that is an equal distance away from both eyes. When a spawner releases a mine, it's eyes flip 90°, the left eye 90° to the left, and the right eye 90° to the right. Two the left of the left eye and right of the right eye is a small pink cheek.

Below a spawner's face is its mouth, appearing as a conveyor belt that curves where the face of the spawner's face ends. On this conveyor belt are three triangles that are connected by there ends, appearing similar to a squished W. When releasing a mine, part of the conveyor belt moves up, while the other moves down. The black inside of the spawner is briefly glimpsed.

Game Information

Spawners exist to hold floating mines, as they possess an infinite amount of them. When the player wishes to get a floating mine, they have to press a nearby button, which will open the mouth of the spawner and release a mine.

Spawners will not kill the player on contact, and are also indestructible. The speed at which they disperse floating mines does not leave the susceptible to having the withdrawn mine blown back into the mouth of the spawner.