Pink Racer2
The Red Biker wearing a medal
Gender Unknown
Species Human
Faction Evil
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Flipside

Bikers[1] are the contestants that drive flipside cars in the game Flipside. There are four known Bikers, each wearing a different colour suit which matches their vehicle.

Judging from the ending, the Bikers are possibly criminals forced to participate in races to earn their freedom.


A Biker's suit is the same colour as its vehicle. This includes a helmet, arm pads, gloves, and pants which are all matching colours.

Known Bikers

  • Red Biker - A Red Biker clad in a red outfit. It drives a red flipside.
  • Green Biker - A Green Biker is clad in a green outfit. It drives a green flipside.
  • Blue Biker - A Blue Biker is clad in a blue outfit. It drives a blue flipside.
  • Grey Biker - A Grey Biker is clad in a grey outfit. It drives a grey flipside.

Other appearances



  1. - Avatars → Flipside: Red Biker from our popular Flipside game.

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