Flipside Vehicle
A Red Flipside
Ability Can Drive up walls
Game(s) Flipside

The flipside is a racing vehicle used by flipside racers in Flipside. The flipside comes in red, green, blue, and grey.


The flipside vehicles has two wheels, one on the front, the other on the back, and a cockpit for the racer to sit in. The racer has to lean foreword while controlling the flipside. A flipside is coloured according to their racer.

Game information

The flipside is capable of turning 360 degrees. While it turns, it turns around the racer cockpit. Even though it can be turned around, the pilot has to be looking the way it wants to go to move in that direction. The flipside is also capable of jumping, and can also race up track on the wall.

Flipside vehicles seem to not make the racer dizzy, despite going upside down quite often. The vehicles also seem to be made of tough material, as they don't seem to be damaged when many collide with each other.


  • The flipside Vehicle bears a resemblance to the Lightcycles from the 1986 and 2010 Tron Movie.

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