Flash traps
Trap Flash
Attack Firing a laser
Damage Death
Game(s) Office Trap

Flash traps are traps in Office Trap.


Flash traps traps are big and bulky, and hang on the ceiling or are on the ground. They are made up of a long stand, and an old-looking camera. The camera has a blue glass lens, a main body with red and green lines on it, and a box-shaped object on the end with a smaller green box inside of it.

The whole camera is mainly gray. There are also several green and red wires leading out of the back box and into the stand. The laser beam this trap shoots out comes out of the camera lens.

Game information

Flash traps are introduced late in Office Trap, almost near the end. The button that activates the trap shows a white version of the laser beam shot by the laser gun, similar to the icon of the laser traps. A flash trap button, when activated, will cause a laser gun, mounted on the flash trap, to rise out of the button. The laser gun has a ten second timer, which when reaches zero fires a big long laser.

Employees can duck to avoid the laser, but since the laser is fired again in another ten seconds, the player has to act fast. Only the laser can harm the player; touching the actual laser gun will not at all harm the player. The gun also acts as a piece of scenery, being able to be passed while walking or ducking.

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