This article is about cats from Flash Cat. For cats from other games, please see Cats.

Flash Cat
Cat (Flash Cat)
Gender Unspecified
Species Cat
Health 3 health points
Level(s) All
Game(s) Flash Cat

Flash Cat[1] is the main character of the game Flash Cat.


Flash Cat appears as a small orange cat, likely a kitten. It has orange fur and yellow down its back. It rides a small six legged bug.

Flash Cat is never seen in game from the front, only from the back, though half the cat's face is visible on the Flash Cat logo on the title screen. Flash Cat's face is seen on the Party skin.

Game information

Flash Cat rides a bug down a track. In the game it has three health points, losing one for each collision with a hazard or enemy. It can pick up power-ups to aid it on its traversal of the track. Hazards and enemies can not only cause it to be hurt, falling off the track will also kill it.

When Flash Cat is in the air, and the bug is going quickly down, Flash Cat will be pulled off its feet, holding on to the antennas of the bug. It is never revealed in game what the purpose of the Flash Cat's race.

Skin appearances

  • Party - Flash Cat appears in front of the "M" of "NITROME"
  • Nitrome 2.0 - The cat appears on the bug in a traffic jam
  • Touchy - A Cuboy appears wearing the ears of the Flash Cat


  • Flash Cat appears in the Nitrome 2.0 skin, riding its bug, with the other Nitrome characters as cars. It is one of the few characters who appear in actual character form, unlike other cars which look like characters.
  • Flash Cat has several similarities with the Fat Cat. They both same the same groans of pain when hurt, as well as have the same sound effects heard when obtaining pick ups. Both also have three lives, and are assisted by/use a creature.
  • Flash Cat, when making a cameo in the Party skin, has brown whiskers.


  1. Help page one of Flash Cat: Control Flash Cat with the cursor keys or WASD.

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