This article is about flames from Hot Air Jr.. For flames from Green Ninja, please see Flames (Green Ninja).

Flames are enemies in the game Hot Air Jr, found only on level thirteen. Despite being enemies, they also perform a task much like an interactive object.


Flames are a bright yellow and orange color, with a white inside. in the white inside is a downcast mouth, and two orange eyes. The flames always sit on top of a grey pedestal that is in the shape of a "T".

This enemy's sprite is a pallet swap of a blue fire, this enemy having a blue fire sprite, only coloured yellow. Along with a similarity with blue fires, they also have a similarity with fire droplets.

Game information

When Hot Air Jr first enters the level, he/she will see a sign about how to open a passageway by blowing the flame out. When the flame is blown out, it will stay out for about ten seconds.

Under those ten seconds, platforms will move. The player will have to move Hot Air Jr quickly as to not get him trapped and squished by the platforms. This sometimes is a bother, as during the level Hot Air Jr has to go through a long corridor or platforms that retract, then come back. Spikes on the bottom/top of the ceiling force Hot Air Jr to rush through the area, whilst staying afloat.