Flail traps
Trap Flail
Attack Deadly on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Knight Trap
Office Trap

Flail traps are a type of trap in Knight Trap and Office Trap.


Flail trap buttons have a miniature white flail on it. Flail trap buttons are usually made of brick, and appear a few times through Knight Trap attached to a wooden platform.

The actual flail appears as a large light brown sphere made up of many pieces of metal connected with bolts. It also has four big light brown spikes on its sphere body. The flail is held up by a light brown chain.

Game information

Like bats, when a flail button is pressed, the flail pops up underneath the platform, swinging back and fourth.

The flail activated by flail traps is quite big, with a bronze chain attached to a bronze metal sphere like structure. Spikes are located at the edges of the sphere. Touching a flail trap will instantly kill the knight. The only way to pass a flail is to run underneath the flail during the flail's few second at the edge of its movement range.

The bronze chains the flail is attached to cannot be jumped through, and even if it could be jumped through the flail would block out the exit for the player. No traps are ever underneath the platform flail is above. Flail traps appear in level twenty-six of Office Trap, above a key trap.

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