Flail orange goo
Flail Orange Goo
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving (sometimes)
Game(s) Swindler

Flail orange goo are enemies in the game Swindler.


Flail orange goo appear as a usual block with a metal circle in the middle. Attached to the circle is a wooden pole, on the other end of the pole being the spike ball. The pole has three metal rings around it, close to the base of the pole.

The spike ball appears as a large orange sphere, with a bottom tail that has slithered around the end of the wooden pole not connected to the metal circle. On the giant sphere are several spikes of varying sizes poking out, the middle of the sphere showing the creature's two eyes, and its eyebrows above the eyes (which appear as a straight line).

Game information

The block flail orange goo appears on is attached to the wall. The pole and the spike ball on the pole move, but in two different ways: either by gravity or on its own. Ones that move by gravity have to be moved by moving the stage, and are often blocking a part of the path through the level.

The Swindler sometimes, but not always, has to stretch their cord around a block and move the stage, so the flail moves, then quickly move quickly towards the path they want to go before the flail comes back down.

Flails cannot kill enemies, enemies that make contact with the ball or any part of the flail bouncing or reversing direction. Ones that move on their own can always move freely 360°, and always clockwise. They move at a higher than medium but lower than high pace, and often in areas Swindler must venture.

Ones that move automatically are far more rarer than ones that move with gravity. The spike ball of the flail will kill Swindler on impact, Swindler's cord not stretching around it.

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