This article is about checkpoints from Frost Bite. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Restart FlagVictory Flag
A restart flag (left) and a victory flag (right)
Ability Restart flag: Eskimo restarts there if she dies
Victory flag: completes level
Game(s) Frost Bite & Frost Bite 2

Flags are interactive objects in the games Frost Bite 1 & Frost Bite 2. There are two types of flags, checkpoint flags and victory flags.


Checkpoint flag

The checkpoint flag consists of a metal rod with a circle on the top, and below that circle a red flag, but only if activated by the Eskimo.

Victory flag

The victory flag has the same rod as the restart flag, only being thicker and taller. The flag is placed in the same position, being the common black and white checkered flag.

Game information

Frost Bite 1 and Frost Bite 2

Flags appear in both games, Frost Bite 1 and Frost Bite 2.

Checkpoint flags

The checkpoint flag is rarely encountered, only found on difficult or long levels or when needed to be introduced. When first seen, only the rod is visible. When the Eskimo passes it, a red flag will go up it. Now, when the Eskimo depletes all of her health, she will respawn there. Often one is only found in a single level, but sometimes multiple are found.

Victory flags

The victory flag is found on top of the mountain in every level. It is the main objective of the Eskimo, and found on the highest point of a mountain. When the Eskimo reaches it, the checkered flag will go up, and the Eskimo will jump happily. The score table is brought, and the player then can proceed to the next level.

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