Flagpoles are an interactive object and objective for the Carrot Story levels of Mega Mash.


The Carrot Story flagpole appears on a yellow block, which has a yellow rod sticking out of it, and atop that rod a red circle.

Game information


A touched flagpole


An untouched flagpole

Flagpoles are one of two level objectives in Mega Mash. When Fluffykins touches the flagpole, a green flag will come up the right side of the flagpole, this flag having a carrot on it.

After the flag reaches the top, fireworks will appear in the background. The flagpole appears more often that the other objective (for Ninja levels), the lift.


A glitch which made Mega Mash to be unable to be complete was caused by the incorrect placement of the flagpole. At the end of level 18, the player encountered a Carrot Story themed room with a flagpole, however, the bottom yellow block was missing. Because of this, the level was not able to be completes, as it had no ending.

On top of that, the block underneath it, when stood on long enough would cause the player to fall through it, into the void, due to that Ninja block actually being a non-solid block. The player is still able to move around in the void, but not able to get back into the actual level.


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