This article is about fish from Square Meal. For fish from other games, please see Fish.

Fish men
Attack Death on contact
Abilities Can fly over blocks
Health One blow
Game(s) Square Meal

Fish men are enemies in the game Square Meal.


Fish men appear as scaly, dark green, rectangular enemies. They have one fin on each side of their body, and two yellow eyes and an "o" shaped mouth on front. They also have two legs under their body.

Game information

Like most enemies in Square Meal, Fish men will normally walk around the level aimlessly, and kill the player on contact. However, what makes them unique is that they are capable of flying over any type of block, but only one at a time. If there are more blocks than just one block, they are unable to fly over them. While in the air, fish men gain full invincibility, meaning they can only be stunned when walking on the ground. Like all enemies in the game, they are stunned by spitting and hitting them with any type of block, and once stunned they can be eaten by the Trolls.

They are introduced close to the end of the game, and are somewhat of a difficulty to eat as they gain full invincibility while in the air, and are often found on the other sides of blocks.


  • The fish men act almost exactly the same as the Ducks  from Bad Ice-Cream, since both creatures are water-dwelling animals and both can fly over blocks one space long. This is one of the multiple similarities between Square Meal and Bad Ice-Cream.

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