This article is about fish from Worm Food. For fish from other games, please see Fish.

Fish (Worm Food)
Attack Archer will fire arrows
Will speed up and try to hit the player
Abilities Swimming horizontally
Health One bite
Game(s) Worm Food

Fish are enemies in the game Worm Food that comes from the water tribe.


The fish is large and cyan colored with white lines on its head and neck. The fish has also green eyes.

Game information

Fish reside underwater, archers seen riding the fish. When the giant worm comes into the water, the fish will speed up, turning at walls, trying to hit the worm. The archer will also shoot arrows at the beast. Both the archer and fish can be eaten simultaneously for seventy-five points.

These enemies are not much of a threat, as they are easily eaten and the Archer has a difficult time landing its arrows. The constant moving of the fish may cause some damage to the giant worm. Because they move horizontally, if the giant worm tunnels underneath the worm, they can easily devour the enemy from below, as they cannot harm the giant worm from below.

Fish sometimes are found in small bodies of water, and due to the small width of this body of water, they do not serve as much of a threat in these situations. These enemies will count towards the player's villagers score for the level when they are eaten.


  • The archer doesn't seem to be breathing while on the fish, but still manages to survive.
  • Due to it's armor, the fish closely resembles a Placoderm.

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