This article is about fish from Rockitty. For fish from other games, please see Fish.

Big fish(rockitty)6
Ability Grant the player points
Points Dead big fish: 500
Dead small fish: 250
Live fish: 250
Skeleton fish: 50

Fish are pick ups in the game Rockitty. They are the only source of points in the game besides point boxes.


Fish have an oval, football-shaped body with a small tail. The front end of them are a light orange colour, while the rest of them are a darker orange shade. Right near the separating line of the two shades is a small side fin. Near the front of the fish is its eye. Depending on if the fish is dead or alive, the eye is either a big X, or it is oval, orange, and has a brown, rectangular pupil.

Skeleton fish can also be found in the game. They are the same as the normal fish, except that they are made of white bones, with one rib, and they always have an "X" for an eye.

Game information

Fish appear scattered around the level and are found in space and in milk. Alive orange fish are found swimming around in milk. When touched by Rockitty, they will grant 250 points. Like everything in the Rockitty universe, they have one eye.

Small dead orange fish grant 100 points. They have one eye with a x over it showing they are dead. There is a bigger version of the orange fish that is also dead, grants 500 points, and is the most valuable of all fish. The last version of the fish is its skeleton which grants 50 points and is most common fish.