This article is about fish from Bomba. For fish from other games, please see Fish.

Fish Bomba
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Swimming horizontally
Health One bomb
Points None
Game(s) Bomba

Fish are aquatic enemies in the game Bomba.


Fish are light brown, have a tail, a mouth, and two large eyes. Their tails consist of two triangular fins. Their mouth is black, shaped like a zig-zagging line, and spans the length of their body. Their eyes are white with black pupils. They only appear in water.

Game information

Fish will swim in a horizontal line. They are hazardous only when touched. A fish will explode and die if it comes in contact with the explosion of a bomb. As with all things that explode in Bomba, fish will leave behind debris (which floats to the top of the water and disappears).

Fish are the only ones to leave behind debris when killed. Since Bomba has a limited time to stay in water, it often doesn't have enough time to place a bomb near fish. Therefore, the player must make use of the water's ability to float bombs upward, the top of bodies of water being where fish are often found.

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