CB Fireball

CB Launcher

Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Colourblind

Fireballs are hazards in the game Colourblind. They are fired out of cannons.



The cannon is a red block with a ridged hole on it, this hole showing where the Fireball will come out. On the side of the cannon is a "^" pointing in the direction the cannon shoots, and a light that goes off when the cannon is about to fire.

Game information

Cannons are completely harmless to the touch. They and fireballs can only appear when the right eye touches the red brush/palette. They only serve as the blocks where fireballs are shot out of, and are the only way cannons can deal damage to the right eye. In some situations, the right eye has to jump on cannons, like in level 19.



Fireball appears as a red fireball that is shot out of the cannon. They bear a resemblance to a cloud.

Game information

Fireballs are only shot out of cannon, and like cannons, only appear when the player gets the red brush/palette. They move in the direction the cannon points to, and keeps going until it hits either the right eye or a wall.

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