This article is about fireballs from Knight Trap. For fireballs from other games, please see Fireballs.

Fireball traps
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Knight Trap, Office Trap and Nitrome Must Die (as gun)

Fireball traps are traps in Knight Trap and Office Trap.


Fireballs fired from fireball traps consist of balls of fire that move and spark. The balls of fire can be coloured either blue or orange, depending on the direction they are moving: blue fireballs move left, while orange fireballs move right.

Game information

Fireball traps are one of the most common traps in Knight Trap, and the first trap to be introduced in the game. Fireball traps have wooden trap buttons and stone trap buttons, although wooden buttons are used more often.

Fireballs come in two colours: blue and orange. Blue fireballs move left, while orange fireballs move right. Both colours of fireballs have the same occupation. Fireballs move slowly in mid air between the above platform and the below platform. Fireballs can be easily avoided by ducking, and because of this the fireball has become one of the most easily to avoid hazards.

Fireballs will set a knight who comes in contact with a fireball on fire, where the knight's body will turn black and quickly fall part into ashes. Because traps cannot be destroyed, fireballs will continually move between two platforms.

Other appearances

Fireball traps appear as a gun in Nitrome Must Die, titled fireball.

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