This article is about fireballs from Mega Mash. For fireballs from other games, please see Fireballs.

Fireball blocks
Fireball block
Attack Will destroy a tetris block if contact is made
Damage Destroying a block permanently
Health One touch to a tetris block
Game(s) Nitrometris (Mega Mash)

Fireball blocks are hazards in the Nitrometris areas of the game Mega Mash. They serve as the Nitrometris version of bullets.


Fireball blocks appear to look like normal tetris blocks, except for their colour and the fact that they do not have smiling faces on them. Rather, they have an image of a fireball on them, and their overall colour is red/orange. Fireball blocks also appear to look square with rounded edges.

Fireball blocks appear as red/orange fireballs in Carrot Story areas. That is the only other area they appear in besides Nitrometris.

Game information

Fireball blocks only appear in the last level of Mega Mash. They are fired out of the mouth of the moo king as fireballs, and they travel horizontally across the screen. When they cross the barrier between the Carrot Story, they turn into fireball blocks. These blocks travel considerably slower than fireballs, and they move only one block across the screen at a time.

If a fireball block comes into contact with a tetris block, the both blocks will be destroyed in an shattering explosion. Fireball blocks can even destroy tetris blocks before they touch the ground. They can be useful in clearing away excess blocks that the player does not want to accumulate. They can also be harmful in destroying blocks that the player wants to use.

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