Fire monsters
Abilities Burning the plunger's ropes
Health 1 hit from a laser
Game(s) Plunger

Fire monsters are enemies first seen in level 17 of Plunger.


Fire monsters are square shaped with round corners. Their bodies are orange outlined with white. They have dark brown slit eyes.

Game information

Fire monsters only appear in levels 17 and 18. Like ice monsters, they are created from spawners that generate them one at a time. They travel in diagonal lines around the area, bouncing off walls and other solid areas once they hit them.

When a fire monster touches a part of the plunger's rope, a spark travels towards the plunger's body from the area that made contact. Any rope past the point of contact will automatically be burnt. If the spark reaches the plunger's body, the plunger's body will disintegrate, and the "level failed" screen appears. The death animation also occurs if the fire monster directly makes contact with the plunger's body, except without the spark.

In contrast to the ice monsters, fire monsters do not die when they make contact with the plunger's body. Instead, they will pass through the point of contact as though it was not solid. Fire monsters can only be killed using lasers and power pills.

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