This article is about fire from Mega Mash. For fire from other games, please see Fire.

Fire droplets
Blue flamesPink flamePrange flame
From left to right: blue fire droplet, pink fire droplet and orange fire droplet
Abilities Chase the player
Health One hit (bomb blast)
Game(s) Mega Mash (Blast-Man Joe)

Fire droplets are enemies that first appear in level 6 of the game Mega Mash, in the Blast-Man Joe areas. They are in the homing enemies group.


The fire droplets are small, droplet-shaped flames (hence their name). They have two thin vertical lines for eyes, and tiny ovals below their eyes resembling cheeks. Only one of each type appears in a level at one time, with three different colours (orange, blue, and pink) to represent different behaviours.

Game Information

Each fire droplet travels in a set path around the area of Blast-Man Joe until the player also enters that same area. Then, any fire droplets around will begin to move towards Blast-Man Joe's position, crossing in a direction above him and then turning around at a wall to try and reach him again. Like all enemies in Blast-Man Joe, they will instantly be destroyed when caught in a bomb blast.


The different colours of the fire droplets determine their speed. Pink and orange fire droplets move around the level at a moderate pace, but can still be outrun by Blast-Man Joe. Blue fire droplets, however, travel at a much quicker pace and can easily catch up to Blast-Man Joe by walking alone.

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