This article is about fire from Hot Air series. For fire from other games, please see Fire.

Fire droplets are enemies in the Hot Air series. They appear in both Hot Air 2 and Hot Air Jr, but not in the original, Hot Air. They heavily resemble gas flames, and also have several similarities with them.


Fire droplets appear as a commonly represented droplet made of fire, with two white semi-rectangular eyes.

Fire droplets on top.
Left: Fire droplet getting blown out and coming back up.
Middle Animated fire droplet.
Right Fire droplet being blown out

Game information

Fire droplets appear on level 17 of Hot Air 1, and on level 12: Fire Escape of Hot Air 2. Fire droplets appear on platforms ridden with spikes. Fire droplet appears constantly burning, among other fire droplets. They can be blown out by activating the cyan fan near one.

Multiple fire droplets can be blown out, and when blown out, the area where they were before will be able to be traversed. However, the fire droplet on that part of the platform will soon return, and begin burning again.


  • A fire droplet served as an image for the hot games tab for 1.5's games tab, the hot tab showed the most recent twenty games.