This article is about fire from Twin Shot 2. For fire from other games, please see Fire.

Fire dark creatures
Fire Dark Thing Dead fire dark creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Burning
Health One hit
Game(s) Twin Shot 2 (evil levels)

Fire dark creatures are enemies in the evil levels of Twin Shot 2.


Fire dark creatures are small fireballs with eyes. When one is shot with an arrow, the dark creature's body will be shown for a brief moment before falling off the screen.

Game information

Fire dark creatures are dark creatures that could set platforms on fire for a limited time and detonate bombs. They have the ability to jump extremely high, and will never stop moving, much like normal dark creatures. When they land on a platform, every brick they touch catches on fire, although the fire soon goes out. An angel can be injured by touching either the enemy itself or its fire.


  • A dragon could be the one responsible for the creation of the fire dark creature by setting a normal dark creature on fire.
  • When one of the fire dark creatures touches a surface, it behaves similar to Molotov.

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