Fire breathing skulls
Skull sideways closed jaw
Attack Shooting fireballs
Damage Death
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Fire breathing skulls are hazards in the game Turn-Undead.


Fire breathing skulls are depicted as a large human skull of a beige shade supported by a neck-like structure. The eyes of the fire breathing skulls are empty black sockets of which a small red dot in each eye is placed to suggest a pupil.

Game information

Fire breathing skulls first appear in level 9 of Turn-Undead and are often positioned in front of long platforms that the player must cross over; however, in level twelve fire breathing skulls that face upward are introduced that are always placed near a platform that the player must ascend. When the player is far away from a fire breathing skull, the skull's jaw will remain closed.

When the player comes into the fire breathing skulls projectile range or at least near the skull itself, the fire breathing skull will open its mouth and release a fireball in three turns. Fireballs kill the player upon contact and will only stop once they come in contact with a solid objects such as the vampire hunter, movable objects, or walls. While in the fire breathing skull's range, the skull will continuously shoot fireballs but once the player is farther away, the skull will close its mouth and cease releasing projectiles.

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