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Fire beast
Fire beats
Attacks Dangerous on contact
Abilities Following the player
Level ☠ (level ten)
Game(s) Ice Beak

The fire beast is the first and final boss in the game Ice Beak.


The fire beast appears as a large layered square, with four flames burning at right angles on each side of the squares. The bottom layer of the square is brown, orange and red coloured. The top layer is grey and has the fire beast's face on it. he has red eyes and a grey mouth that appears to be laughing evilly. The flames are red, orange and yellow.

Game information

The fire beast is dangerous on contact to the bird, whether it touches the squares, flames, or any other body part. In order to be defeated, the fire beast's flames must all be extinguished. Only then will the fire beast lose health if the bird shoots it with snowballs.

The fire beast can move around the screen via its propeller flames. It will always follow the bird. If one of its flames is extinguished, then it is no longer able to move in the direction opposite that flame- in other words, the direction that flame would have pushed it towards. Once the snowball that extinguished it melts, however, the flame will once again light up and continue to function normally.

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