This article is about fire from Temple Glider. For fire from other games, please see Fire.

Fire-breathing pharaoh heads
Fire Breathing Pharaoh Heads
Attack Breathing fire, which is dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Temple Glider

Fire-breathing pharaoh heads are hazards in the game Temple Glider.


Fire-breathing pharaoh heads are colored similarly to most items in Temple Glider. The pharaoh head is clay colored and has a nemes headdress. His mouth and eyes are black, and lead to the possible inside of the statue.

Game information

Fire-breathing pharaoh heads breathes fire. These enemies do not take much skill to avoid, as they are very easy to avoid. Hence their name, these enemies frequently breathe a long breath of fire which will continue down until it hits something (or falls off the screen). The heads are placed in the walls, usually in a line. Fire-breathing pharaoh heads appear only on level fifteen.

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