A runner being electrocuted by a fence
Attack Shocking the runners
Damage Two bars of health
Game(s) Rush

Fences are hazards in the game Rush.


Fences appear as grey metal rectangles with grey metal rods crossing them in a chain link pattern. Fences are also rimmed with blue and red insulation.

Game Information

They are positioned on both the ground and ceiling, electrocuting any of the runners when run into. It will continue to shock the player's runner until out of the fence, slowly depleting their energy.

Along with many of the hazards in Rush, fences appear in later levels of the game, coming in a variety of sizes. It is important for racers to pick up as much energy as they can in levels with fences, as too many runs into them will quickly diminish health, even faster than the health taking attack from the start laser in eliminator mode.

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