This article is about fans from Onekey. For fans from other games, please see Fans.

Ability Blow the red feather tribesman and enemies
Game(s) Onekey

Fans are interactive objects in the game Onekey that first appear in level three.


Stationed on yellow blocks, fans are brown-coloured and have two propellers. They span the width of the block and will always appear together in groups.

Game information

Fans start out still at the beginning of a level, but are activated when the player presses and holds the space bar. The fans will stop spinning when the player lets go of the key.

As the fans are turning, the red feather tribesman will be moved in the direction they are facing. If they are facing up, he will be blown until he is out of range of the fan's power. Fans are used to help the red feather tribesman reach elevated platforms that would otherwise be out of reach. In later levels, fans appear where spike stars are, and the player needs to be careful not to bring the red feather tribesman too high up, or he may hit them.

Fans can also be used to blow enemies, such as dragon guardians. Enemies will be blown the same way the red feather tribesman is. The player can use fans to blow enemies out of the way, so that the red feather tribesman will have a higher chance of surviving.

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