For fans from other games, see Fans.
Ditto fans

The fans facing up.

Ability Blowing the girl in the direction faced
Game(s) Ditto

Fans are interactive objects in the game Ditto.


The fans appear to be light brown rectangular prisms that perpetually spin counterclockwise. On the side of two parallel faces of the fan, are two white triangular designs; at the top of each fan is a fan cap slightly protruding from the fan itself. From the fans are white wind particles that are only outlines and in the shape of a triangular pyramid. The direction where the shape's apex is pointing signifies the wind's direction.

Game information

Fans are first encountered on the fifteenth level in the game, and affect both the girl and her reflection. The type that faces upwards will boost the girl in the air. As she glides against the force of the upward fans, the wind's intensity increases. If the fans are facing downwards above the girl, her jumping power is reduced.

Horizontally oriented fans push the girl in the direction they are facing, although the girl can still walk against the direction the wind current is blowing. Jumping while walking against the flow pushes the girl in the opposite direction she was walking in. Gliding, however, will not have any effect to the horizontal fans.

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