This article is about fans from Dangle. For fans from other games, please see Fans.

Ability Blowing wind
Game(s) Dangle

Fans are interactive objects that first appear in level three of the game Dangle.


The fan is teal, with dark blue propellers. The centre of the fan is much thicker than the base, and when still, two of the fan's propellers are visible. Fans always appear with their sides facing the player, in the direction of the spider. The two propellers constantly spin, blowing a breeze that is visible by wisps of thin white lines.

Game information

By blowing a breeze, fans can help the spider progress farther by blowing it over large areas. On the other hand, it may prevent the spider from going through certain gaps. Although touching the fan will not hurt the spider, fans are sometimes hazardous because they can blow the spider towards platforms with spikes or enemies.


  • They are similar to Mr. Blows, as they both can make wind. However, the fans are inanimate objects.
  • It is slightly similar to the cyan fan from the Hot Air series, except for its angle and colours.

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