This article is about fans from Hot Air. For fans from other games, please see Fans.

The fan is an interactive object in the Hot Air series.


The fan is a small cyan coloured fan, which replaces the mouse cursor in every level of the Hot Air series. It has two small blades that rotate around one central point. In Hot Air and Hot Air 2, the fan is blue-coloured, and is quite small. In Hot Air Jr, the fan is slightly larger and is coloured with shades of white and light blue.


In Hot Air & Hot Air 2
In Hot Air Jr.
Hot Air fan Hot Air fan blowing
Hot air jr fan Fan spinning

Game information

Hot Air and Hot Air 2

The fan is used to blow the hot air balloon around. While in a level, clicking will cause the fan to rotate, and push out air from all sides. The longer the player holds the left mouse button, the faster the fan will rotate (until it reaches max speed, at which it can go no faster). The balloon will be blown away from and in the opposite direction of the fan when it is rotating.

The cyan fan not only can be used to blow the Hot Air balloon, but also to interact with the enviorment and enemies. Octopi and the Baron's drills can be blown around, fire droplets, gas flames, and flames can be blown out, and pinwheels can be turned, which will cause the portcullis to be lifted. In Hot Air 1 & 2, when not being turned, the fan will rotate slowly. It remains stationary in Hot Air Jr.

The fan cannot be destroyed, but will disappear when the hot air balloon is destroyed. It also can be blocked by the hand in Hot Air Jr, so that it cannot blow at all.

Hot Air Jr.

The fan in Hot Air Jr. appears slightly larger and more detailed than its previous counterpart. However, the fan is not as powerful as in the first two games, and it will not blow the balloon as fast. The fan does not appear at all in Hot Air Balloon Maker, as the player does not have anything to blow around.