Falling objects
Brickcola can
A Brickcola can
Attack Dropped by children from the top of the screen
Damage Death
Health N/A
Game(s) Cooped Up

Falling objects are hazards in Cooped Up.


Falling objects usually appear as objects that are larger than the finch. They can take the form of a crumpled Brickcola soda can or a rotten apple core.

Game information

When the player has ascended a certain amount above 40, objects are usually dropped from the top of the screen. They are signaled by a flashing "!" sign briefly before the object falls, occupying 1/3 of the game screen. If the finch is in the way of the object's trajectory and gets hit, it dies.

The finch is not affected by these when the player has filled up the bug meter and is currently under the effect of a boost.


  • The Brickcola soda can is a reference to Gunbrick mobile, these cans appearing advertised in Pack 2 of the game.

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