Falling icicle baddies
Falling icicle baddies
Abilities Falling
Health Smashes on contact with the ground or yeti
Game(s) Cold Storage

Falling icicle baddies are enemies that first appear since level seven of Cold Storage.


Wrapped around a tall, pointy icicle, falling icicle baddies have thin, purple bodies. The head is almost the width of the icicle and has two tall purple lines which could be the icicle baddie's antennae or ears. The rest of the body is presumed to be a tail that wraps around the top of the icicle it is seen on.

Game information

Falling icicle baddies are only seen when the yeti launches from a pole into open areas. They descend from the top of the screen in a straight-down motion and fall at about the same pace as the yeti when he falls from a pole.

On contact with a falling icicle baddie, it will smash into pieces, but the yeti will lose a heart of health. This occurs regardless of whether the yeti is in the air or swinging from a pole. Only ascending from a super pole will the Yeti not lose health while smashing an icicle baddie. Once they fall out of screen view, more falling icicle baddies will descend in the same place the previous ones were if the yeti goes up again to try and reach the next pole. They are best to be avoided, as super poles do not always appear where falling icicle baddies are.

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