Fairy from rpg
Ability Giving the player a boost
Game(s) Blast RPG

Fairies are interactive objects in Blast RPG.


Fairies have blond hair that is formed into a bun on the top of their head with some loose hair coming from the back of their head. Fairies wear a green dress along with green shoes that are slightly pointed. They have pinkish orange skin and white eyes with dark brown pupils.

The fairies cheeks are a slightly darker colour then their skin and one of their pointed ears is visible. The fairy's lips is dark brown and formed into a smile and in one of the hands of the fairy is a wand that has a pale yellow stick with a glowing orb at the top of it which casts a transparent glow. Lastly, fairies have pale blue butterfly-like wings attached to their back.

Game information

Angry fairy with stress mark

A fairy pointing her wand at the boy knight

Fairies first appear on level two of Blast RPG, and are present in every level after that. Although fairies are interactive objects, they are treated as enemies, but non-harmful enemies. When the player passes them, they will be added to the enemy lineup. Whenever the knight turns and faces a fairy, he will not bring out his sword (also, no items that would kill a enemy or injure it will work on the fairy).

On the first turn, the fairy will stay still for some time, then its eyes will turn red, its eyebrows will form a glare (with a small grey stress mark appearing above one eyebrow), and the fairy will point its wand at the boy knight, giving him a boost.


  • When the fairies are angry, they have a stress mark, which is used to display anger or frustration in various Japanese Manga.
  • These fairies are similar to the ones in The Legend of Zelda in terms of helping out the player.

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