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Released April 8th 2010
Special Least amount of characters
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Factory is a skin on Released on April 8th 2010, the skin has several Nitrome characters being made in a factory. They are first made in metal, then spray painted in their colour, then all their accessories are put on, then they are cleaned and put into a box labeled "Nitrome gifts" and sent away.


The factory skin displays a factory with a conveyor belt on the top, where different Nitrome characters are being assembled. To the left of the conveyor belt, the Twin Shot Angel is shown being colored. Underneath the top conveyor belt, other characters who are already colored and assembled are being given final details such as helmets or being dusted off.


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A clone scientist from Final Ninja ZeroA dragon from Jack FrostThe Hazmat hero from the Toxic seriesA small green creature from Fat CatA troll from Square MealA pink angel from the Twin Shot seriesA cyber samurai from Final NinjaBaron Battenberg from Dirk ValentineA first clan viking from IcebreakerThe warlock from Mirror ImageA red lizard man from Double EdgedNorman Noggin from HeadcaseFactory Skin

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