The Facebook module is a component added by Nitrome to their site in 2011 after the 2.0 update. It can be located on the right side of the screen, underneath the third party website advertisement. Like all headings on the Nitrome site, the 2.0 Facebook heading color changes depending on what skin is active.

Nitrome 2.0

In Nitrome 2.0, the video module was set under a thin header that said "Facebook". Under the header was a blue-outlined rectangle with Nitrome's Facebook avatar on the left inside. Next the image were the words "Nitrome on Facebook". Clicking on the avatar or on the words would take the person to Nitrome's Facebook page. Underneath the wording was the Facebook "like" button and a number with a count of how many Facebook users were following Nitrome on Facebook. Clicking on the like button would change the like symbol into a check mark, and would also change the number next to it into the words "You like this". To the right of this content was a large, square Facebook symbol.

Nitrome 2.5

When the site update for Nitrome 2.0 was released, Nitrome slightly modified the Facebook section. The header to the section was removed, making the appearance of the corners look sharp instead of round, as seen in Nitrome 2.0. Also, the blue outline appears thicker than in Nitrome 2.0. It was located directly above the videos module.

In February of 2015, the Facebook module was replaced by the Twitter module, although the Facebook module is still present on the "All Comments" pages of the comments module for browser games and when directly linking to a comment.

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