This article is about explosives from Rockitty. For explosives from Cheese Dreams New Moon, please see Explosives (Cheese Dreams).

Explosives are hazards in introduced in level thirteen of the game Rockitty.


Explosives are round and purple with small objects sticking out of them. A white skull with one eye socket and cross bones are depicted on the explosives.

Game information

They float in midair, often in groups. They flash colours when about to explode. When Rockitty accidentally flies into an explosive, it will rebound back spinning, loses a life, and the explosives will be destroyed. For moving the explosives, the directions are shown in the first section of level 13 with the point balls.

Point balls will not set off an explosive. While some explosives remain still until moved, others may continuously have their own moving pattern. Sometimes, they require perfect timing to bypass many in groups together. In later levels, the explosives appear at the ends of spinning planets, forcing the player to move Rockitty to other places quickly once on them.