Attack Exploding on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Explosives are hazards in the game Cheese Dreams: New Moon.


MouseMine explosion

An exploding explosive

Explosives from Cheese Dreams: New Moon are made up of two semi-circles fused together to form a full circle. The top semicircle is green while the bottom one is grey in colour. Protruding diagonally on each side of the explosive's main body are four cylindrical piston-like parts that will slide in and out of the main body of the explosive.

A smaller pink circle is in the middle of the explosive and has two whisker-like markings on each side of it. On the top green half of the explosive are two smaller green circle that resemble eyes. The explosive all together resembles a mouse head.

Game information

Explosives explode and kill the moon instantly upon contact with him. When they explode, they make a squeaking sound and break into several pieces. They were placed on the S. S. Squeakstar "for the passengers' safety", as stated in a hologram message for level 2.

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