This article is about blocks from Rubble Trouble series. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Explosive blocks
Explosive blocks 2x2
A 2x2 explosive block
Ability Destructible, explodes when destroyed
Game(s) Rubble Trouble series

Explosive blocks are a type of block in the Rubble Trouble series.


Explosive blocks are often found in the Rubble Trouble series, usually in bigger structures. Explosive blocks are orange colored, appearing as a crate with a warning sign on it. They can also be large or small.

Game information

Explosive blocks come in two variations: small 1x1 blocks and larger 2x2 blocks. Explosive blocks can only be destroyed by the demolition crew's tools, and create a big explosion when destroyed. This explosion will destroy or crack any nearby structures or blocks, except for metal blocks. They are often placed in structures so that they can be destroyed more easily. Explosive blocks are sometimes used to push other objects, as their explosion can move metal objects.

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