Exploding doodles
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Explode if confined
Health One explosion;
Coming in contact with a fire doodle or with fire
Game(s) Scribble
Exploding doodles are enemies in the game Scribble.


An exploding doodle is blue with a big black nose and black eyes; it also has four black legs. In general, it looks like a bull, mainly because of the white horns on its head and its stance.

Game information

When the player confines an exploding doodle in a small area with lines, or creates a small area, it will become angry, turning red. The doodle will explode soon after becoming angry, destroying anything in the blast radius, except for ink. An exploding doodle will also explode if it comes in contact with a fire doodle or fire. Exploding doodles can be seen walking back and forth on platforms when not angry.

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