Exit Bell
Knuckleheads Bell
Ability Multiplies the player's score when hit
Game(s) Knuckleheads

The exit bell is an interactive object in the game Knuckleheads.


The exit bell's appearance is almost identical to a High-Striker or Test Your Strength carnival game at amusement parks or fairs.

It has a red base and a long vertical bar that goes up. The bar is colored red and has a flame design on it with a gold bell at top. Another thin bar that goes from the base to the top of the bell is the path that the small gold sphere (or puck) travels when the base is hit.

Game information

The exit bell functions as the exit for levels by ending the level when it is hit. Exit bells do not only act as an exit but as a multiplier for the player's score by up to five times. The player can have their score multiplied by hitting the base of the exit bell as hard as they can with any head of the angry heads.

The player's score multiplier is determined by where the gold sphere lands: if it is in the first grey space, it will be multiplied by one, if it is in the first red line, it will be multiplied by two, etc. For the highest multiplier bonus of x5 the sphere must hit hard enough to ring the bell at the top. To accomplish this, the player must hit the exit bell as hard as possible when the chain between the two angry heads is at its full length.

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