For enzymes from the Test Subject series, see Orange enzymes, Green enzymes, or Blue enzymes.

The enzymes as they appear on the arena

Enzymes are interactive objects in Bump Battle Royale, appearing only on the Test Subject arena.


Enzymes appear in either green or orange. They are dome-shaped, making them appear similar to dodge orange enzymes. Each enzyme has a pair of black eyes. Their arms are only visible when they are seen from behind, and even then it is only occasionally that their arms are visible.

Game information

Enzymes appear only on the Test Subject arena in Bump Battle Royale. They form a destructible barrier along the outer edge of the stage, and must be destroyed in order to create a gap to push opponents through. Enzymes are destroyed by being knocked into by the player's bumper car. When enzymes are destroyed, they will splatter into green or orange goo and then disappear.

Enzymes will do several things while watching the battle, such as cheering or scratching behind themselves.



  • The enzymes are the only barriers in the game that can and must be destroyed.

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