Engine room

The engine room with player's engineer.

Bad Engineer

An enemy engineer's engine room

The engine room is a man block of tanks in Steamlands, as well as the heart of the Steamlands tank boss in Nitrome Must Die. It appears in all levels of Steamlands, and as the controller of the Steamlands tank boss in level ninety of Nitrome Must Die.


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The engine room has a worker in it and has a coal engine in the corner.

Game information


The engine room acts as the heart of the tank and controls and is the power source for all weapons and objects on the tank. In the start of Steamlands, the player is given a few blocks to build on their tank. Blocks and weapons are placed on the tank to protect it from being destroyed, becuase if the engine room is destroyed the entire tanks explodes.

In shops located in several towns, the player can buy armor for their engine room to reinforce it so it can take more damage. Inside the engine room is a little man who is constantly shoveling coal into his fire. The coal into the fire keeps the entire tank going. The engine room emits a wave of power, represented by transparent red blocks.

Closed engineer room

Closed engine room in Steamlands

If guns or other weapons are added, they have to be in range of the power wave, or else they will cease to function. Batteries can be obtained/purchased to maximize the power wave so the player can place in different places and higher. When the player first starts the game, they will have armor but no weapons. They player can fling coal at attacking tanks to damage them, although this coal does very low damage.

Also at the start of the game, the player can place a flag somewhere on their engine room. Blocks placed under the flag will move the flag higher. While in towns, the player can draw and customize their flag. Enemies also use the exact same Engine Room.

Nitrome Must Die


The engine room in Nitrome Must Die

The engine room appears in Nitrome Must Die, as the heart of the tank. It appears bigger than its Steamlands appearance, but more compact and always closed, having the appearance of the Steamlands engine room when it is being held by the player. In phases one and two of the Steamlands tank boss battle, the engine room cannot be accessed, as it is covered in robot armor.

In phase three, it can be damaged when the booster protecting it is destroyed. The engine room has half the health of the tank, and will not retaliate when the player shoots them. The engine room acts a lot like the booster, having the health of one, acting like one, and being the same size. Destroying it causes the tank to explode. The engineer does not at all appear in Steamlands, even though it is probably him inside the engine room.

Steamlands shop items

Below are shop items that can be bought to increase the health, power field, or repair rate of an engine room in Steamlands.

Engine room health

Engine room health one Engine room health two Engine room health three
Images: ER1 ER2 ER3
Price: £2500 £5000 £1000
Tag: Health Health Health
Result: Health increases to 220 Health increases to 240 Health increases to 260
Description: Get your engine room reinforced bronze plating to protect it from attacks. With the framework laid down from the bronze plating, the town's mechanic can fit your engine room with iron plating. Much more resistant to attacks than bronze. The town's mechanics can improve your engine room even further by reinforcing it with steel. It'll be worth the price to keep you safe out there in the wastelands.
Level: Gun Shop Like a Butterfly Assembly and Assimilation

Engine room power/repair

Engine room power one Engine room power two Engine room repair rate one
Image: ER4 ER5 ER6
Price: £2500 £5000 £500
Tag: Power Power Repair rate
Result: Increases power field by one block Increases power field by two blocks Increases repair speed
Description: Improved valves and fitting could extend the radius of power from the Engine Room further by at least one block Rumor has it that there have been experiments with a stranger new energy system. You heard it might be called E-leg-trickery. The town's mechanics say that they say they could extend the power of your engine room with it - for a price... The Town offer's a comprehensive course in mechanics for your engineer, making him much more efficient at repairs."
Level: Big Jobs Leave No Man Behind


  • In Nitrome Must Die, the engine room is always closed.
  • During the shop sections of a level, the section that comes before the start of the level, the player can move their blocks around and rearrange their tank. However, when the player starts the level, the player's tank will be how it was before being rearranged.
    • If the player leaves takes some blocks off their tank and leave them when stopping for the shop, they will appear on the player's tank when the level starts.
      • VIP's and munitions cannot be left in the shop.
  • The shopkeeper will follow the player's tank while it moves out of the town, before the level starts.

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