For the player version, please see player version orbs (Nanobots)

Green Supervirus 1
The enemy nanobot orbs being used by a green supervirus
Damage One fifth health
Belongs to Green superviruses, combined nanobot, possibly titan green nanobots
Game Nanobots

The enemy version of orbs, alternatively known as nanobot orbs is the enemy attack used by the enemy nanobots of team green.


The orb used by the enemy nanobots appears as a grey sphere with six grey small spheres, three small ones being placed on the top, while the other three are placed on the bottom.

Game information

Although nanobot orbs being the weapon used by team green, only two nanobots use it, the green superviruses and combined nanobot. Unlike the human piloted nanobot version of the attack, which has three separate types, the enemy nanobot version has only one.

This attack, unlike other nanobot attacks, is not fired nor does need ammunition. The green supervirus and combined nanobot attack by rotating three of these orbs around clockwise. One health point will be deducted from the human piloted nanobot's health for coming in contact with one. Nanobot orbs are impervious to all attacks made to destroy them, and cannot be destroyed and cannot be made to disappear.

It is because of this attack that makes it difficult to destroy the supervirus. The nanobot orbs are not as dangerous when being used by the combined nanobot, as there is more space between each one. Because the orbs are the attack used by team green, the combined nanobot's green side is completely vulnerable for attack, as no attacks are being shot out of it. Nanobot orbs appear rarely, as green superviruses are the only ones to use the, although if the titan green nanobots was included in the game, it would probably use the orbs.

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