This article is about bullets from Nanobots. For bullets from other games, please see Bullets.

For the player version of this weapon, please see player version bullets (Nanobots)

Enemy Red Bullet 1
A nanobot bullet
Ability Inflicting damage to the human piloted nanobot
Damage One fifth health
Belongs to Red nanobots, titan red nanobots, red superviruses,
combined nanobot
Game Nanobots

The enemy version of bullets, alternatively referred to as red nanobot bullets, or just nanobot bullets is the enemy attack used by the enemy nanobots of team red.


Nanobot bullets appear as pink circles, exactly the same as the bullets fired by the human piloted nanobot in its bullet form.

Game information

Nanobot bullets are fired by red nanobots, titan red nanobots and red superviruses. Red superviruses fire three nanobot bullets out of their cannons after turning once, then before firing again turn. Red nanobots may sometimes fire nanobot bullets, but often don't.

Before nanobot bullets are fired, they are aimed at the human piloted nanobot, unlike enemies from other games who fire attacks in one direction.

Nanobot bullets are sometimes hard to avoid, especially when there are many red enemies around, or enemies of a different colour. Nanobot bullets die down soon after being fired, but unlike the human piloted nanobot version, the enemy nanobot version go a long distance (compared to the piloted nanobot version) before dying down.

Nanobot bullets can only be avoided, unable to be blocked. These types of bullets will not harm other enemies, and are fired at a slow pace by the titan and red nanobot. Nanobot bullets are commonly used in the game.

Nanobot bullets also are fired out of the red side of the combined nanobot. When fighting the combined nanobot, the combined nanobot fires massive amounts of bullets out of its red side.

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