This article is about Bombs from Nanobots. For Bombs from other games, please see Bombs.

For the player version, see player version bombs (Nanobots).
Yellow Nanobot Bomb 1
The bomb
Ability Are dropped
Damage One fifth health
Belongs to Yellow nanobots, combined nanobot, yellow superviruses, titan yellow nanobots

The enemy version of bombs, alternatively called nanobot bombs, is the attack used by the enemy nanobots of team yellow.


This bomb appears circular, with a flashing yellow light in the middle.

Game information

Basic yellow nanobots, titan yellow nanobots, yellow superviruses, and the combined nanobot all use bombs as a weapon, although the combined nanobot also uses other weapons. Yellow nanobots and titan yellow nanobots drop bombs in there trail, every few seconds dropping a bomb. Nanobot bombs dropped, will (after a short time) explode, creating a small explosion.

These bombs act poorly compared to the bombs used by the human piloted nanobot in bomb form, also, the nanobot bombs are never upgraded.

If the human piloted nanobot were to collide with a bomb, even before it exploded; or be caught in the explosion, it would immediately explode, costing the human piloted nanobot one health point.

As there is never many yellow nanobots or titan yellow nanobots on stage, nanobot bombs are quite easy to avoid. Yellow superviruses and the combined nanobot slide nanobot bombs out of themselves. The yellow supervirus slides bombs out at a medium pace, the place the bomb lands being random. The combined nanobot on the other hand, slides nanobot bombs out faster and farther, but only out of the yellow side of its body. Nanobot bombs appear uncommonly in Nanobots, as the Nanobots which use them appear uncommonly.

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