Enemy spawners
Enemy Spawner
Ability Spawning enemies
Game(s) Ice Beak

Enemy spawners are interactive objects in the game Ice Beak.


Enemy spawners have an outer shell that is maroon/brown coloured. The inner portion of the spawner is coloured with three shades of grey and then a black stripe at the base. The shades of grey grow darker until black is reached.

When an enemy is spawning inside an enemy spawner, the grey and black colours are replaced with the colours of the enemy being spawned. The enemy appears crammed inside the spawner.

Game information

Enemy spawners spawn new enemies back into the level after a past enemy freezes. They will not kill the bird on contact, so they are not hazards. Rather, they respond to the player's action of shooting an enemy, so they are interactive objects.

Enemy spawners can have both positive and negative effects on the difficulty of a level. A positive use of enemy spawners is when they are placed above or near switches. This means that they will always spawn an enemy near a switch, which the player can then freeze to activate a switch. The existence of a spawner means that the player can have as many tries has they need to freeze an enemy and to land it on a switch.

A negative use of a spawner is when they are used near walls of enemies. This means that after the player has blasted away and enemy and is ready to move through, the spawner will automatically spawn another enemy its place, blocking the player one again. Therefore, this makes it difficult for the player to cross and progress farther in the level.


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