This article is about soldiers from Double Edged. For soldiers from other games, please see Soldiers.

Enemy soldiers
Attack Attacking with held weapon
Abilities Walking; riding tigers
Health 2 blows - sword
Points Varies
Game(s) Double Edged

Enemy soldiers are the first enemies encountered in Double Edged.


An enemy soldier appears as a human with bronze yellow armour covering his entire body except for his arms and legs. His legs are very short, but his arms are longer and have many muscles. The soldier wears a large green helmet with slits for his eyes, mouth, and nose. However, the slits are black and his face cannot be seen. There is a short black horse tail on top of the helmet, which comes out at the back of the helmet.

Game information

Enemy soldiers are the weakest enemy in the game, most weapons killing them with one shot/slice/pound. Often when encountered in early levels of the game, they are armed with a sword, or sometimes a dagger. In later levels they sometimes are encountered with stronger weapons like the bow and arrow.

Although they don't appear in levels 4-1 to 4-4, skeletons of them appear. They appear the most of time throughout the game, usually armed with weapons to match the skill of the player. They are also capable of jumping on a tiger, but use them poorly.


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Sword - two hits


"Huh? Sound the alarm, its the enemy!"

- An enemy soldier on level 1-1

"Quick! Pick up the chest. Don't let the enemy get the their mitts on it."

- An enemy soldier on level 1-1

"Too strong"

- An enemy soldier upon dying on level 1-1

"Watch put for his special attack. You don't want to lose your sword"

- An enemy soldier on level 1-1


- An enemy soldier upon dying in level 1-1

"Look at this axe my wife gave me!"

- An enemy soldier upon being encountered in level 1-2

"The Gorgon has hidden herself... She's somewhere around here... Do not gaze into her eyes!!"

- An enemy soldier upon being encountered in level 3-2



  • There is a glitch when sometimes, a Spartan enemy soldier will stay frozen on his knees, having the down half of the Spartan. The player can walk through him without being damaged and can kill him.

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