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In the game Nanobots, not only does the human piloted nanobot attack, but enemies attack too.

Instead of ramming into the player, enemy nanobots use weapons that act almost identically to the human piloted nanobot versions. It is not known if these enemy weapons are what the human piloted nanobot versions are based on. Enemy nanobot attacks will deduct one health point from the human piloted nanobot.

Some of the attacks will disappear after a short time; most attacks are used in large amounts. There are three enemy nanobot attacks: bullets, orbs, and bombs. Each is completely/partly coloured the colour of the nanobot team which uses them.

Enemy nanobot bullets

Main article: Enemy version bullets (Nanobots)

Enemy nanobot orbs

Main article: Enemy version orbs (Nanobots)

Enemy nanobot bombs

Main article: Enemy version bombs (Nanobots)

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